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About Us

Welcome to The Core Baits website. 

If you are taking the time to read this then thank you! Let's face it - a large percentage of Carp Anglers these days move from bait to bait looking for the magic formula or, even worse, the most they can get for their money. We understand that boilies and other Carp Baits can be expensive but if you read our story you will see where we are coming from.

Our Story

We started Core Baits for ourselves. Before we had a name, a plan or any wild dreams of starting a 'bait company' we simply wanted to work on our own baits for ourselves and a small group of friends. The idea was to put together 3 baits that would suit the majority of all our fishing needs. We could then buy ingredients in bulk and roll a high-quality product to our exact specifications while saving some money. After a few months and some great results that small group of friends started to expand. Before long we were rolling bait for friends of friends and then other anglers we got talking to while out fishing various lakes. We started being asked if we did other products like Pop Ups, Hookbaits, Pellets or Stick Mixes. So in September 2015 we decided to take the plunge and launch a website and start selling our products.

We don't have a mission statement as such other than; everything we do is with quality in mind. We want the best products not only for ourselves but for our ever increasing group of friends and customers.