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Enhance your baits with our matching range of hi attract liquids

The Core Liquid The Core Liquid

The Core Liquid is packed full of the same attractors as our high quality boilies and will add attra..


CB4 Liquid CB4 Liquid

The Liquid Food that goes into the CB4 boilies. Contains a blend of 3 completely natural liquids, hi..


Liquid  Molasses

A Fantastic & Cheap additive.Molasses is a thick, treacle like black liquid with a very sweet an..


Marine Core Liquid Marine Core Liquid

The exact Liquid as used in our Marine Core Boilies.Marine Core Liquid is packed full of the same at..


Hemp Oil Hemp Oil

Pure premium Hemp Oil rich in Vitamins, Minerals and full of attraction.This superb fish attracting ..


Hydro Wheat Syrup Hydro Wheat Syrup

A very Active Liquid!Hydro Wheat is similar to CSL but better in our opinion and appears a slightly ..


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