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Reward Points

You may have seen Reward Points mentioned on various products throughout the Core Baits website. Here is a little information on how they work.

For every £1 you spend on our website you will get 1 Reward Point.

You can keep track of your current points by logging in to your account and clicking 'Your Reward Points'

On each Product Page you will see that each Product has a Rewards Point Value & also a Price in Reward Points...

Below is an example for our Bubblegum Airball Pop Ups

When purchased you get 5 Reward Points. To buy the item using Reward Points you need 250. 

As well as these general Reward Points for items watch out for special offers that can be purchased using your Reward Points which we will add periodically to the website. 

We will also add offers where bonus Reward Points can be earned.